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suspected of drinking. what made the authorities suspicious? here's abc's lisa stark with the story. >> reporter: it was early morning, the first flight of the day, when the pilot passed through the security checkpoint. as he was waiting for a nearby elevator, a tsa agent and other officers just happened to walk by and just happened to smell alcohol. as the pilot headed in the cockpit of his american eagle regional jet, the worried officers notified airport police. they caught up with 48-year-old captain kolbjorn kristiansen after he finished pre-flight checks. it was before 6:00 a.m., just before 53 passengers would have boarded the flight from minneapolis to new york. police say kristiansen failed a preliminary alcohol breath test. he was arrested. >> the reality is, there's no excuse whatsoever for having alcohol in the bloodstream of a pilot. none. >> reporter: the airline scrambled for a replacement pilot.
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the flight took off late. it landed safely at laguardia. some were shocked when they learned why their flight had been delayed. >> i'm feeling very unsafe. >> reporter: the faa says incidents are rare, about 12 allegedly drunk pilots arrested a year. in one case in 2002, two america west pilots were caught drinking on surveillance tape the night before their flight. and tsa screeners smelled alcohol on their breath the next morning. the pilots were arrested before the flight took off. >> we are in a dive! >> reporter: one of hollywood's current hit movies, "flight," focuses on a drunk pilot who pulls off a miraculous crash landing, but then has to face the music. >> this toxicology report states you were drunk. >> reporter: the legal limit is .04, half of what's allowed for drivers, but still enough to impair judgement. and to give you an idea just how seriously this is taken, in the most extreme cases, pilots can
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face up to 15 years in prison. in this case, for kristiansen, his fate is still unknown. we don't know his exact alcohol level. we do know that he has been suspended, pending a full investigation. >> so much more to learn. thank you, lisa stark. now we turn to positive signs today that the battered u.s. economy has entered a new year. in this first week of 2013, the dow closed the day up nearly 500 points, thanks in part to the new jobs report, and 155,000 jobs were added last month. unemployment steady at 7.8%. and abc's business correspondent, bianna golodryga, is here to tell us where we stand. >> diane, i am feeling better. than i did a few months ago. over the past 12 months, we've average the 150,000 jobs each month. we'd like to see more than that. amongst economists, there's a sense momentum is on our side, and 2013 could see a continued recovery.
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with wall street capping off its first week of the new year with a bang, closing at a five-year high, and with that news today that, despite all the worry over washington and looming tax increases, december saw hiring, this year is off and running. last month's hiring was strong in health care and construction. digging into those numbers, we can now see some clear lines as to where the hot jobs of 2013 will be. topping the list -- home health care services, up 9% since 2010. 25-year-old tiffany fields started working as a home aide in april. in this economy, she never dreamt she'd find a job so quickly. >> i graduated and got a job. started making money. happy about that. >> reporter: also nurse practitioners will be in high demand as more americans gain health care coverage with the new federal health care law phasing in. so where are the hot spots geographically? detroit for one. yes, detroit. anyone looking for a job making cars, the motor city is the town
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for you. with superstorm sandy wrecking hundreds of thousands of cars, and auto sales at a five-year high, 2013 is expected to see an even bigger uptick in car buying. in the northeast, sandy also boosted home construction jobs. but there's also growing need in california and arizona, for contractors, master carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. all in places where homeowners are now more willing to spend money on their homes. and from san jose, california, and austin and houston, texas -- >> a lot of that's driven by the energy sector and technology sector. we're expecting to see that continued growth in the years to come. >> you don't have to wait for the monthly jobs report to gauge how the economy is doing. two signs to look out to see the economy is really recovering, new restaurants opening up. consumers feeling more comfortable going out and spending more money. look for an increase in the housing market and home prices rising as well. >> you'll see it in restaurants
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and home prices. thanks so much. now, we move from the health of the economy to the health of the american family, and a ground-breaking announcement about food safety today. millions of americans get food poisoning from everything from salad to peanut butter. 3,000 die every year. but today the government said it's ready to enforce sweeping ideas. and abc's dr. richard besser is here, he's tracked food illnesses in his career and he's got the big news. >> yeah, i started my career working in food safety. finally we're starting to see rules develop that could make a big difference. this points us to a future where people can eat their dinner without being afraid. jensen farms cantaloupes might not have killed 33 people. the sunland peanut factory might not have sickened 42. contaminated spinach might not have sent 13 to the hospital just last month. and 8-year-old nate lebron wouldn't have spent three days in the hospital because he ate a
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peanut butter sandwich. >> the stomach cramps, i was screaming loud and i was saying, why does this happen to me? >> reporter: two years waiting. and finally, rules to take the fear of bacterial contamination away from the produce aisle. from the spinach fields of california to the peanut production lines of new mexico, food safety specialists have spent two years begging for these regulations. >> today's action is a big deal. it's good news for consumers. it's good news for food companies. >> reporter: instead of waiting till there's an outbreak, the new rules aim to prevent outbreaks of food-borne disease from happening in the first place. take peanuts. to be safe, i'd want them tested as they leave the fields. i'd want them processed at temperatures high enough to kill salmonella. i'd want to store them covered, so that birds can't contaminate them with droppings. i'd want them tested again before they're released to stores. those sorts of things will now be law. two years to come up with rules to cover the riskiest produce. food safety experts are elated.
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>> for the first time, rather than reacting to problems once they happen, fda is going to be able to prevent problems before people get sick and before food needs to be recalled. >> i talked to all my friends who work on food safety. there's a huge sigh of relief that farms will be required to do the right thing. now we need to make sure that congress funds the inspectors to look over their shoulders. >> you thought a lot of these things were required already. turns out they weren't. how long before the action takes effect? >> a final rule from the government will be a year in coming. but now the industry knows what they'll be held to, people say they'll start making changes right now. that could lead to fewer outbreaks even before the rules become final law. >> you were saying you have confidence that will change the history of food-borne illness in this country? >> that's right. once we hold our domestic producers to this, then we can look at food coming in and hold it to the same standard. this is big for food safety. >> so they can enforce the
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standard of what comes in across the borders and ports? >> that's right. until we hold our own to that, we can't hold them. now we can. >> okay, thanks. 24 hours ago, we watched the resilient children of newtown, connecticut, head back to school for the first time since the shooting. but today, congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, astronaut commander mark kelly, went to newtown to meet privately with the families of the victims. there's a photo. and another photo, take a look at this one inside the oval office. because we learned today this was the moment president obama learned of the shooting and of all the children lost. he called it the worst day of his presidency. and also in the news tonight, 67 days after hurricane sandy, help is on the way for thousands of victims of that storm. today, under pressure from the governors of new york and new jersey, congress approved $9.7 billion in emergency aid. and the money will help pay
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flood insurance claims for 120,000 people. an additional $51 billion of aid will come up for a vote on january 15th. last night we told you about the flu spreading across the country. tonight it's hit 41 states. here's the map. only a handful of states on the west coast and in the midwest have escaped widespread flu. not only is the flu on the march earlier than usual, more than 2,200 people have been hospitalized and 18 children have died. we want to show you the moment today when malala yousafzai waved as she left a british hospital. she's the 15-year-old pakistani girl who was targeted by the taliban, shot in the head three months ago because she spoke out for education for girls. she and her family will stay in england. the taliban and pakistan have vowed to target malala again and she still has another round of surgery next month.
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still ahead here on "world news," the new video that takes you inside the mind of a drug user, to show what it's like to be on a popular drug. and why the u.s. navy is sounding the warning. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study...
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the lining of your esophagus. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain and diarrhea. call your doctor right away if you have persistent diarrhea. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. tonight we see the gritty reality of a new trend in drug use. the drug known as bath salts. there's a tape made by the u.s. navy. and abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tells us why the navy is sending out this video alert.
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>> reporter: the video puts you inside the mind of the drug user. from the moment you inhale the potent powder, to what quickly follows. your world descends into terror >> are you okay? >> reporter: and paranoia. your girlfriend, then your friend, suddenly become demons. and you? erratic, violent, out of control before finally being sedated by an emergency crew. >> one of the most concerning things about bath salts is, these hallucinations, these paranoid delusions, they will last long after the intoxication is gone. >> reporter: bath salts have nothing to do with a relaxing bath. illegal, but easy to get, it is an underground code name for the synthetic drug that acts like a super charged amphetamine, a trip that can have a deadly end. while the navy doesn't have hard numbers of abuse in their ranks, they are fearful. in 2011, 16 midshipmen at the naval academy were expelled after abusing another synthetic drug, same case at sea, in all some 400 sailors were forced out. bath salts are the latest temptation. >> sometimes like a college
5:44 pm
dorm, or fraternity house, sailors live together and they share a barracks room together and when someone does something, others can see it and emulate it. and so our goal is to nip this in the bud. >> reporter: it's not just the video, the navy will now do random drug testing on sailors as an added precaution. they are taking this drug very seriously. >> what are the sailors saying about all this? >> i think some of them think the ad is a little bit over the top. but they know this is a very serious problem. here's a really interesting statistic. a military drug positive rate is four times lower than the general workforce. so the military, the navy, is very committed to preventing drug abuse. >> all right, martha raddatz, thanks so much. now we want to bring you up to date on some late news, about that daring prison break in chaul we told you about, the two
5:45 pm
bank robbers who scaled down 17 stories use a rope made of bed sheets. one of the bank robbers was arrested the night of december 20th. tonight there is word that the other prisoner has also been caught. the "chicago tribune" reports that the convict at large, kenneth conley, was captured in the suburbs of chicago today. coming up, that mystery photograph of a young princess diana with a young man. who is he? we think we solved the case. we solved the case. be with fid, but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track and use fidelity's analytics to spot trends, gain insights, and figure out what you want to do next. all in one place. i'm meredith stoddard and i helped create the fidelity guided portfolio summary. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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and here's what we were all talking about today, our instant index, starting with a royal mystery solved. an old photo surfaced today of princess diana, there she is, 19 years old, before her marriage to prince charles. she's seen with a mysterious young man, the words on the picture, not to be published. so we did some detective work and found adam russell. it was a ski trip with friends. both had been injured. adam reportedly smitten. she was not. and we know what happened next. and why is mcdreamy himself a local hero at a coffee shop in seattle? the "grey's anatomy" star stepping in to save the coffee chain tully's, pushing back against starbucks, the goliath. 500 jobs were saved and today he introduced himself to some of
5:49 pm
his employees. he's going to keep the chain going even if it means getting behind the counter and serving coffee himself. tonight we answer the question, how big were the new year's eve fireworks on the surface of the sun? take a look. the solar flare powering its plasma 160,000 miles high. for perspective, this is our little earth, super imposed next to that flare, which was 20 times bigger than our tiny planet. sending a message about size from the galaxy. if you see something out there that is crackling for you, send it to our instant index. tweet it to me at diane sawyer. coming up next, you met them last night, 20 women in the u.s. senate, first time in history. tonight we asked them to give up the best advice anyone ever gave them for making a dream come true. i need you. i feel so alone.
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finally tonight, first let us show you a picture. here it is. it was taken on capitol hill 100 years ago. these are suffragettes who were only dreaming of the day women could vote. they petitioned, they hounded until they persuaded legislators to pass the 19th amendment in 1919. because of them women were 53% of the electorate last november, and there are now 20% of the senate seats held by women, for the first time in history. women who ran hard campaigns, smart campaigns and won. we gathered together the women who had won those hard-fought races. and look back at pictures of themselves as children to ask, what was the most important advice they were given along the way. first up, the dean of senate
5:54 pm
women, barbara mikulski, wake up, assume you are the person who will change the world. >> every day, if you wake up and think about someone other than yourself and say good morning, can i be of help? then you'll make a world that is better. you'll make a difference and you'll work with others to make change. >> the greatest gift in the world is the ability to help someone else. >> i've always found if someone tells you you can't do something it's usually because they're afraid you will. [ laughter ] >> these senators, once just kids like the rest of us, say power comes from knowing more than anyone in the room. so seize it. >> when somebody tells you, it's complicated, it's really not. and break it down. and find a way and solve the problem. >> when i signed pictures to classrooms that go across north carolina, i add, read, read, read. >> my advice would be to listen more than you speak. you'll be so surprised what you can learn.
5:55 pm
>> stand up straight. i stand up in my chair. [ laughter ] >> knowledge is power. no matter what your dream is, you have a really good chance of achieving it. >> and they say, remember there are secret weapons, joy and persistence. something amy says she was taught by her dad who took her on a 1,000 mile bike trip. >> once you've gone a hundred miles, you can always go ten more. that's what i learned. >> don't be afraid to take on that challenge that you want and demonstrate that women are unique in how we do battle, but we can be very successful. >> no matter what you are doing, what job it is large or small, do your very, very best. >> do what you love. you will be successful, but more importantly, you'll be happy. >> if you live with a grateful heart, you'll be happy and be able to serve well. >> persistence is about 95% of success. >> and finally, if you're anxious, remember the big things
5:56 pm
worth doing involve risk. >> i have a little saying that came from a card that somebody sent. it says, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. i tell children to not be afraid to take risks. >> take risks and never give up. >> i believe the world is made up of problem solvers and problem makers. and the former is really what we need more of. >> dream big and ignore the nay sayers, and the cynics and the keepers of the status quo. >> and so we choose the women inviting everyone else to take their place in history, and by the way, the senators have all said it's worth pointing out again, there are 20 women in the senate today, but women were 53% of the voters in the last election. if you go online to, you can see all of the women we spoke with, their advice for all of america's children, boys and
5:57 pm
girls. thank you for watching. "nightline" later. david muir will be here this weekend. we hope you have a great night. the search for a bay area teenager comes to a tragic end from lake tahoe. >> a victim of this crash caused by a driver evading police is in critical condition. his mother makes a plea to reunite the family. >> three snekts a mansion murder appear together in court. tonight why one attorney fought hard to keep that from
5:58 pm
happening. >> in and abc 7 news follows up on a man buftd for conning parking lot patrons. tonight his rap sheet. >> she was headed to the horizon in nevada she was going to the wrong direction. >> a wrong turn in the dark and cold of night may explain how one teenager died after a concert at lake tahoe. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> it's a story ending in tragedy this morning. a worker discovered a body of 19-year-old alisa byrne missing since early new year's day. she was walking to her hotel in subfreezing temperatures. we're live tonight in lake petaluma where her friends will be gathering tonight. john? >> this memorial has been building all day since word spread about what happened.
5:59 pm
a few minutes ago people started showing up and watching, neiling writing on the board. there are items on the fence, flowers, stuffed animals, poster board with messages. this has been a outpouring of emotion leading up to the vigil. there are a number of personal mementos here. a baseball, a basketball and a quilt and friends left messages and her life and smile live on, i wish you can see things people have done to show how much they love you. she graduated in 2011 and still has quite a few friends who are recent graduates and still in high school. she worked as a hostess at cattleman's restaurant in petaluma. co-workers lit kand yelz around a photo which you can see. and she was studying to become a firefighter

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